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A fantastic opportunity for self employed drivers & transport service providers alike.
No more waiting to be paid by other booking systems, riders pay drivers directly on the day!

We are always looking for self employed drivers, owner drivers with suitably licensed vehicles, as well as other transfer and executive chauffeur service providers to meet the growing demand our online booking systems are generating.

Our booking & dispatch platform is one of the best value to use, and we provide an invoice to you for the low booking services fees by the 14th of the following month after the transfer service was completed by you.

Whats even better, is that there is no cost to sign up and drive for us, so you have everything to gain, as the passengers pay you the drivers directly on the day you provide the transfer, taxi or tour services to them, The Transfer Company charges a small deposit to cover our booking services, marketing and customers services costs as we do that for you too, so all you have to do is drive and get paid.

Sign up by clicking the “Drive and Partner with us” button on this page and complete our compliant application form.

You will need all your driving licence, vehicle details, private hire/taxi vehicle licence, and passport style picture and other business information to complete the application form. We look forward to seeing you on the system, ready to work.

The Transfer Company online booking systems have been developed throughout the global pandemic period in 2020 to 2021, on the basis that a lot of drivers in popular holiday and business destinations were not paid by other online booking systems that took 100% of the booking value in advance from customers. They then expected their sub contracted drivers to wait up to 60 days to be paid after they had provided the transfer service, and even then some never got paid at all, forcing them and their families into financial hardship during the and still after the peak of the global pandemic, which is morally just not right! Perhaps your one of them?

So a group of drivers and technology experts got together in 2020 and built a system that both favours the drivers as well as the passengers using our transfer services, as the drivers are paid directly by the passengers on the day the transfer service is provided!

In addition, drivers and service providers will be given their own promotional landing pages, which will show their business logo and other details, and all bookings made through that page will be sent to those drivers first, should they not be able to full fill the bookings then the jobs will be sent to other matching vehicles in the area, and the owner of the referral page will receive 5% of the booking value, therefore not losing out to competitor drivers/providers, and in fact earning something for the booking which is better than not getting anything.